Thursday, October 30, 2014

Weekday Halloween BBC walk & 1st Sunday reminder

Friday, October 31st, Halloween walk in Prospect Park
Meet: 1:00 PM at the picnic tables on Well Drive near the Lake northwest shore (access Vanderbilt St park entrance)
Leader: Bobbi Manian
Note: Closest subway is F line to Ft Hamilton Parkway, back entrance ; or #68 bus

( KB note: informed that costumes are welcomed)



   This Sunday, November 2nd is the First Sunday Early Bird Walk.  We meet at the Boathouse at 8am.  Bring your binoculars and join us for a walk.  This past weekend, the park was alive with incoming northern migrants.  There was a Vesper Sparrow and a Lapland Longspur.  On the lake there was a Green-winged teal and Wood Ducks.  

There are several issues you need to be aware of.  

It is Marathon Sunday.  Be aware of street closings.

It is also the morning of the time change.  So you get an extra hour of sleep.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Michele, Eni, Vin and Neal

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Prospect park kings

Field 7 of Prospect's Ballfield continues to produce Intrigue with a
second VESPER SPARROW of this season visiting the diamond.I spotted the
bird along the construction fence before VESP flew towards the tupelo
tree overlooking third base.


Fwd: Vesper Sparrows in Long Meadow

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Per your request, I wanted to write to recount our (mine and Simon's) encounter with a small flock of three Vesper Sparrows.  On Monday evening at around 5:30 P.M., we were walking North in Long Meadow, and had made it to the northern most plot (just about 50 yards from the tunnel leaving the meadow), when we saw three birds - white eye rings, white on tails when they flew - which we confidently identified as Vesper Sparrows.  They were quite tame, allowing good, long looks. 


Tweet from will pollard (@billmiky)

will pollard (@billmiky) tweeted at 5:09pm - 29 Oct 14:

Pair of oc warblers at bbg native flora meadow (

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BBG is Brooklyn botanic garden

Nov 1st BBC walk rescheduled and revised Nov 2nd

Due to inclement weather Saturday and marathon Sunday impact, the Terminal Moraine Ridge birding walk has changed.Northwest winds Sunday better day. Please click on the link for BBC Trips.
Vesper Sparrow orig n chain link fence by orange crane,flew to field 7 's 3rd base area tupelo tree

Photo of American Woodcock

From this past Monday ,photo taken by Peter Colen , in the Lullwater on the bird found by Linda Ewing

A well hidden bird I refound in the late afternoon , in darkening light.

Documenting dead birds

Post on BBC Facebook by Rob Bate

From Rob :
New York City Audubon has a new tool for logging dead and injured birds and it's called "D-bird" (in Brooklyn we may call it "Da-Bird"). When you find a bird, often near a building with glass, you log the relevant info into D-bird, species, where found, age or sex if known, or anything relevant. If people make it a part of their regular birding activity D-bird can potentially map where high concentrations of bird mortality occur and thereby lead to remedies.

New Staten Island species dissertation

From Staten Island Facebook , per Seth Wollney

Connecticut Warbler report

Orrin Tilevitz reported Connecticut Warbler in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Native Flora section new ( or expanded section this morning...

I like to get over there but am unable....hope someone does for this late date...


Update Nov 1st BBC walk

Nov 1st club walk GWC and Sunset Park in jeopardy, weather and marathon impact. Check back Thursday for revised details.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

which corvid?

Fwd: Hawk video


Sent from my iPhonePoor Squirrel sequel 2

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Fwd: Hawk video 2


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Poor taken by a coworker

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Fwd: todays birds

from: Orrin Tilevitz 
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Subject: Fw: todays birds

An extraordinarily cooperative palm warbler, and one of probably more than 100 flickers (showing the yellow shaft), both at Green-Wood this morning.  Other brids included a kestrel and a swainson's thrush.


Fwd: Found Camera Bag

Lost and Found

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Hi, Peter.
Could you possibly publicize this on your blog, or any where else you think appropriate?  Thanks.
Barbara Wasserman
Found on Marine Park Nature Trail on Sunday 10/26. If yours, please email and put 'lost bag' in subject line.



Keir's twitter AM tweet note reports NO sighting of the Lapland Longspur this morning but as a consolation prize found the Ballfield's Season 2nd VESPER SPARROW. I'm out to explore my lunch time ballfields tour.

Joshua sent a note that Vesper was between field 5 & 6 this morning.

@railbabbler: Several people have been looking for the PP longspur without success. There is a Vesper Sparrow at the ball fields

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fwd: Longspur photos

Spectacular photos from Janet Zinn

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Here's two for the blog.

Janet Zinn
Brooklyn, NY

Prospect shines in late October

By now to everyone's knowledge ,the very big news is Prospect ' s very first LAPLAND LONGSPUR.Found by birding maestro Rob Jett,the  rare for Kings County bird was observed on Field 7 at southwest Ballfields which barely two weeks ago hosted a Vesper Sparrow .Unfortunately any other good birds seen today were greatly overshadowed yet were pursued nevertheless.

First an update on the Longspur. Staying true to field 7, when I arrived after work 330 ,I found several local birders watching the bird along the first base side dugout.Then it flushed and landed near us by third base at a puddle before taking off ,flying over us a few times before landing in the construction fence of field 1 outfield. .We hope it sticks around like the Vesper Sparrow. Home plate  for Vesper, 1st base for Lapland; whats in store  for second base next at Field 7 ? ( yes , I recalled the Abbott & Costello gig. A What ?)

While the longspur celebre had full attention , there were other good birds seen today. Linda Ewing reported AMERICAN WOODCOCK , EASTERN BLUEBIRD, respectively at Lullwater Cove and Nethermead.The Woodcock was observed walking along the fence in the leaf clutter by Linda originally. I re found the bird around 445 well hidden in the leaf clutter under some branches of a limb hanging down, in the same area 20 feet inside from the fence, just west of the Lullwater cove observation platform , along the descending trail to the water.The Bluebirds were not refound despite a search.There certainly will be more.

Sparrows are in very good numbers dominated by WHITE THROATED and DARK EYED JUNCOs. But among them, good sparrows FIELD at Upper Pool Wildflower Meadow, several WHITE CROWNED ( Breeze Hill  lawn by the feeders site,and the green roof above the rink) , and LINCOLNS , one at southeast Nethermead, and one at the Peninsula Sumacs.

Speaking of Lakeside's green roof, some really good reports of birds there from Rob Bate. Today after  the Longspur sighting, seen on that Rink green roof, Rob Bate reported a late PRAIRIE WARBLER, possible briefly seen Vesper Sparrow and WHITE CROWNED SPARROWS there as well. Last, a good bird in EAGLE, namely BALD spotted by Rob Jett , a juvenile over Long Meadow. But all those good birds  on any given day would be great sightings except in today's case, trumped by an arctic bird called LAPLAND LONGSPUR. A good one, Rob Jett.

By the way, NYC Audubon has a talk tomorrow eve 6 pm on Green Roofs and their wildlife benefit at the Arsenal at Central Park headquarters of the NYC Parks department. Check their website