Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Duck killing Pit Bull on loose

A woman reported to my coworker that she witnessed a Pit Bull attack and it killed a Northern Shoveler this aftrenoon, the second such kill this week of a Shoveler. The witness didnt want to get involved as the dogowner was present.

I saw a photo of the Shoveler carcass .I dont have more info regarding description pf dog or the owner.

Any loose agreesive Pitbull or dog species with blood in its mouth would be a danger to society.If you happen to see an incident with duck killing please call 911 ( not PEP)

Common Redpoll continues LP249 well dr pic birch tree or ground bhind young pines

Details on upcoming BBC eve presentation March 10

From Programs chair Dennis Hrehowsik

Please join the Brooklyn Bird Club 
Tuesday,March 10th, 7:00 PM for:

Iceland: Land of Fire, Ice and BIRDS!

Sandra Paci

Location: Brooklyn Public Library Central
<>at Grand Army

The lure of Iceland for birders lies not in the number of species to
be seen, but in the quality of those species and the opportunity to
encounter them in spectacularly beautiful and unspoiled landscapes, sometimes
in overwhelming numbers. Seabirds, shorebirds, waterfowl, and gulls are
all well represented. Some are special Icelandic races and subspecies
found nowhere else. Many birds in this sparsely populated land show a
remarkable lack of fear of humans, allowing for close viewing and photography.
Join Sandra Paci as she discusses her 2013 journey to this intriguing
island nation.

Sandra Paci was born in Baltimore, Maryland and lives in New
York City,where she works for a gallery in the Chelsea art district and is an
active member of the Brooklyn Bird Club and the Linnaean Society of New
York.Since first catching the travel bug in the early 1980s, she has ventured
to over twenty countries outside the U.S., mostly in Europe and Latin
America. Sandra became an avid birder in 2003 and has enjoyed long-distance
birding trips to Alaska, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia,
Iceland and Morocco.



Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"sizzling" Lamppost 249 locale

For brief moments at a spot we birders or I named years ago, the Well Drive picnic tables before there weren't any -- hence the 249 label then -- "sizzled" with 5 species sparrows today during my short visits. Of course what I was looking for --the COMMON REDPOLL-- reappeared as usual.

Getting to the sparrows,topping the list was my first Prospect winter season AMERICAN TREE SPARROW. SWAMP SPARROW a bird I think from fall and counted on the CBC was seen along with FOX, DARK EYED JUNCO and WHITE THROATED.

Just after noontime, I found the REDPOLL on the snowy ground behind the fence,feeding upon fallen birch seeds. Good to see it hanging around.

Meanwhile nearby on the lake west shore open water,3 COMMON MERGANSERS remain. They are a "common " sight now for the past three weeks I believe.

Request for Bush Terminal Pier Park bird photos

If anyone has real good photos of birds or scenic bird photos taken at Bush Terminal Park for the DNA INfo article to be posted this week,  deadline is 10 am tomorrow,, please send tonight to

 Nikhita Venugopal <> 


Peter D

Maybe the Eurasian wigeon close shot  , Raven , or  kestrel, even common bird, etc close in shots   

"Hotspot" lamppost 249 well dr pic tables: COMMON REDPOLL feed on snow grnd behind fence thru twin young pines

AMER TREE SPARROW lamppost 249 picnic tables well dr 5 sparrow species inc swamp

Monday, March 2, 2015

Good news with Common Redpoll;mystery gull

As we all hope for ,the COMMON REDPOLL decided to stick around, seen by Rob Bate in the birches behind the Well Drive picnic tables ( "lamppost 249")

Birch seed catkins is a favorite of redpolls, similar to far northern aspens and similar trees.

A late post tonight from Kristin Costello over a different gull seen 3 pm on the lake, distant but showing field marks of maybe a Bonaparte's or Black headed Gull or even a early Laughing Gull. its unconfirmed but if u happen to see a likely bird  different from the usual gulls even if not sure of its ID please text me or tweet it  using " possible". Getting the word out is important.

Fwd: Brooklyn Bridge Park

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Hi Peter,

Took a quick spin through Pier 1and the Carousel area today on my lunch break. 
Most interesting bird was a lone male Red Breasted Merganser in the carousel cove, alongside a small flock of Brant. 


@robsbirder: Redpoll continues in birch left of lp249

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fwd: Prospect Feeders Today

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Hi Peter,

Took a walk to the feeders this afternoon as the snow started falling. Aside from the usual suspects, most interesting birds were female Purple Finch, several Fox Sparrows, and a Eurasian Goldfinch. Also a large, noisy flock of Red Winged Blackbirds - their classic "conk-la-ree" call makes me look forward to Spring.
Stay warm,


Gone skiing!

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Common redpoll

Prospect park lamppost 249 this morn,digiscoped

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Fwd: one of friday's birds

Orrin's photo hen common merganser

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cooperative Prospect COMMON REDPOLL

Fantastic looks of a now cooperative COMMON REDPOLL staying true  to a Gray Birch with its abundant seed catkins the Redpoll favors. After a tweet from Dennis on the bird found today by Kathy Toomey,I observed the winter finch behind the fence in the tangles below the birch before it finally came out in the open and worked the tree,finally perching in the upper branches for a good ten minutes. Like I mentioned before with my previous bad luck on earlier winter sightings - a miss,a short look,it was fantastic finally getting the great looks.[I'm really glad I planted those ten gray birches years ago with winter finches in mind. So now my objective came true :-) :-)  ]

Even the first Sunday walk group led today by Neil Frumkin lucked in ,seeing the redpoll in my scope..Fantastic! For new birders some having never heard of the species its a thrilling sighting.

The Redpoll is favoring the area behind the Well Drive picnic tables also known by local birders as " Lamppost 249".

Also of interest are the continuing COMMON MERGANSERS, 5 birds total of two drake,three hen. AMERICAN BLACK DUCK actually increased to  a dozen birds when normally i was only 3 all winter, a testament to current duck migration.

At the feeders, Kathy Toomey reported the continuing two female PURPLE FINCHes , an uncommon bird for Prospect this time of year.

A few good rare species assuages the winter doldrums...

Fwd: Prospect Park, Mar 1, 2015


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  > Prospect Park, Kings, US-NY  > Mar 1, 2015 8:00 AM - 10:40 AM  > Protocol: Traveling  > 0.2 mile(s)  > 34 species (+1 other taxa)  >   > Canada Goose  X  > Mute Swan  9  > Mallard  X  > Northern Shoveler  X  > Ruddy Duck  4  > Accipiter sp.  1  > Red-tailed Hawk  1  > American Coot  10  > Ring-billed Gull  X  > Mourning Dove  3  > Red-bellied Woodpecker  1  > Downy Woodpecker  2  > Blue Jay  1  > American Crow  9  > Black-capped Chickadee  2  > Tufted Titmouse  1  > Red-breasted Nuthatch  1  > White-breasted Nuthatch  1  > Carolina Wren  1  > American Robin  1  > European Starling  4  > American Tree Sparrow  2  > Fox Sparrow  3  > Song Sparrow  2  > White-throated Sparrow  5  > Dark-eyed Junco  1  > Northern Cardinal  4  > Red-winged Blackbird  5  > Common Grackle  3  > Brown-headed Cowbird  5  > House Finch  4  > Purple Finch  2     Two females continuing at Feeders  > Common Redpoll  1     By Lamp post 249, red cap, black around yellow bill  > American Goldfinch  6  > House Sparrow  X  >   > View this checklist online at  >   > This report was generated automatically by eBird v3 (  

Prospect Common Redpoll continues at well dr pucnic tables lamppost 249. Fenceline or bhind it

@deepseagangster: Common Redpoll continues lamp post 249

Fwd: Redpoll seen today

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hey Peter.

thanks so much for re finding and getting the word out on the Common Redpoll today!    a LIFER for me.   and thanks too to Joshua for relocating it by the picnic tables where i think it stayed long enough for several other birders to have a view.   best, karen

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Late morning good action

The brief look I had of Common Redpoll turned into a beneficial longer observation of the winter finch at Lamppost 249 Well Drive picnic tables.

Joshsua Malbin re found my earlier sighting at LP 249 and the COMMON REDPOLL was watched upon as it fed on the ground or in that vicinity by the tables. At least for the first time this late winter,it stayed put longer a day.

Meanwhile , a BALD EAGLE day in the local area. Matthew Wills reported an immature feeding or sitting on the ice at frozen  Bush Terminal Pier Park. Not far from there,one eagle was seen flying over the north end of Greenwood Cemetery. Perhaps it was the same bird.Both text and tweet was 10:13 GWC  and 11:19 am BTPP.

Winter has its good moments, at least for today for some birders.