Monday, September 3, 2012

Parking permits at Tilden and Breezy Point units

During summers after May 15th  thru Sept 15th ( this is apparently changed or only for Breezy Pt)  , you cannot park freely in any parking lot in Fort Tilden or Breezy Point . The lots  regularly used by birders traditionally is for fishermen during summer peak. ( this is too bad  for birders wanting to see breeding terns, piping plover, etc)

Today while desiring to park at Breezy Pt lot ( 222nd road ), I inquired at Floyd Bennett Ryan Ctr for a "day permit" which was a policy agreed upon years ago at Tilden office ( now closed) but now no longer available. To make a long story short , after I spoke with a supervising ranger, I was told that the Breezy lot is ok to park in after 9/1 according to her regulations booklet .

There is also something called a Special Use permit available for $50.00 , the same amount fishermen pay for their parking permit (bumper sticker) . Special Use expires June 30/2013...  so there is no need to buy this now with the approaching 9/15 deadline (listed on lot signs but  quietly u can after 9/1) but with info that I obtained today it was ok for Breezy parking now, the permit fee is moot UNLESS you intend to bird Breezy or Tilden thru the summer bet May 15th thru Sept 1st (or 15th).. If on the latter summer peak birding , then download the application from the link attached and pay up next early May and wait 10 days for the dashboard permit.Since we use those areas, consider it a donation...and good faith.Fishermen pay, so....