Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fwd: Bush Terminal

From: roberta.manian@gmail.com
To: Peter Dorosh
Sent: Tue, Jun 30, 2015 11:46 am
Subject: Bush Terminal

Hi Peter,

Bush Terminal added 7 species in June, bringing total to 90.   New species were Green Heron, Yellow-crown Night-heron, Turkey Vulture, Forster's Tern, Cedar Waxwing, Chimney Swift and Northern Rough-wing Swallow.  A lone osprey has been hanging around, but not showing any interest in the platform.  

The park is getting more use as the weather improves but the birds don't seem to mind.  The worse problem is people walking on the rocks between the two pools at low tide.



Photos from Gus Keri at Bush Terminal today