Saturday, July 2, 2016

summer days and lazy times

Lazy are the summer days now especially after the end of the spring migration and Spring club trips are done and so on.Its time to relax before the autumn migration picks up too quickly, just around the corner. And I need the rest. So a short walk to Prospect with my coffee and easy going timing.

I sat down on the bench at West Island and watched for anything goes. First I noticed a NORTHERN ROUGH WINGED SWALLOW come out of the Phrgamites to my left. The swallow swooped around loyally in that area; later as I sat longer relishing the sunrays ,then switching to another bench in the same spot,I noticed 6 Rough winged perched on a horizontal West island snag.Its a new family,one bird flapping its wings as the adult appeared in front of youngster.Cool! A new bred family for Prospect lake southwest

Still soaking in the sun, I noted more interesting birds.
Swimming in front of me, a young family of WOOD DUCKS,also 6 in all, swam to West Island to rest on the water snag,safe and secure. Meanwhile, BARN SWALLOWS flew around and a single BLACK CROWNED NIGHT HERON must've come out of West Island as well. Opposite the island at the Gazebo point, a single TREE SWALLOW perched. In the far distance, I recognized the flight of a RED TAILED HAWK that landed on the Ebbets Field tower.

Yes,summer lazy mornings has its rewards.