Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Prospect bird feeders

The new season begins....the Prospect bird feeders are up for the annual tradition.

This season is an anticipation of things to come. the new season though will not be a winter finch irruptive year according to fame Ontario ornithologist Ron Pittaway (see his report ) who says all the winter finches like crossbills, siskins, evening or pine grosbeaks, etc are staying put due to an abundant food crop in the far north. But that's how it goes;each year is different. Nature is full of surprises though, so enjoy the new season.

Please stay out of the grounds beyond the fence and report to me anything amiss.

ON an additional note, the feeders are contingent on your donations, whether in cash or seed (preferably black oil sunflower) /suet up till March.You have my contact information.

Happy Thanksgiving..