Monday, February 25, 2013

New Osprey Platform at Bush Terminal Park ( under construction)

I advised my friend Bart Chezar, an environmental activist , on the Osprey nest project which we hope will be attractive to ospreys . The location was the key which I made a suggestion.After a long delay with these capital projects, the nesting platform went up finally. Bush Terminal Park is supposed to open late this fall according to the Community District manager I contacted recently.

See Bart's paper, and email message to his network and his attached pictures he took of the sequential installment.

Bart's White paper New York Harbor Osprey Initiative on project

Tue, Feb 19, 2013 3:26 pm

HI Folks,

Yesterday was a good day. After long delays we were able to successfully install an osprey platform at the Bush Terminal Piers Park (BTPP under construction) in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, with the tremendous assistance of Phoenix Marine personnel. We assembled the osprey platform, designed and built by Tomas Daskam, with black locust wood provided by Horizon Wood Products, and attached it to a 20’ pole supplied by AECOM. NYC EDC gave us approval for the installation at the site. The attached pictures tell the story:

- 0915 hrs - View of NY Harbor from site.

- 0922 - Osprey platform structure.

- 0932 - Assembling platform onto pole.

- 0947 - Platform assembled and ready for installation.

- 0986 - Platform being lifted onto site.

-0997 - Platform being placed into pipe housing.

- 0956 - Installation team from Phoenix Marine.

- 1015/1202 - Installed osprey platform.

Osprey begin to migrate through New York Harbor around mid-March. Let’s hope they come and check out this beautiful new home we built for them.

I’ve attached our original write up for the New York Harbor Osprey Initiative. Having completed the work at BTPP we will refocus on the proposed installation for Governors Island.

Check out the following link. Maybe someday we will be seeing this in New York Harbor.

Special thanks to Tim McKinney and Barbara Jaffess for their help.

Till next time,

Bart Chezar

Tue, Feb 19, 2013 3:26 pm    

Note new park beyond.