Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter Raven Feb 9th

Prospect's snow starved winter ended, coming into fruition for real with the first good snow of the season, a delight to the 1000's of people attracted to the modest snowfall compared to what Connecticut got, and along with the massed crowds, one COMMON RAVEN that actually perched !

Janice Arakaki sent in a photo above of the Raven spotted by her 8:49 am, in the Peninsula ; Mary and I spotted a raven in the distance along Flatbush ave just south of Parkside Ave. Interesting to know that this species still hangs around in these parts. It would be a good idea to look for radio towers or rooftop structures in the near future for any sort of nests if species decides to settle in .

The feeders as expected was a hotbed with snow cover forcing groundfeeders towards the feeders. We saw likely 13 species there in order my best recollection: white throated sparrow,song sparrow,house sparrow,,cardinal, blu jay,house finch,goldfinch,chickadee, titmouse, pine siskin, redwing blackbird,red bellied woodpecker,fox sparrow, etc Near here on approach to the feeders, we had a low flying COOPERS HAWK and a REDTAILED Hawk Joined in so make that 15 species, even though the latter two are way too big to prey on the feeders.Good winter action to enjoy while kids sled down the Maryland Monument slope ( heck, they been waiting a long time! Photo below taken by Peter, Long Meadow scene of winter revelers, from atop the ENDALE ARCH
The lake open in the middle hosts the Red breatsed Merganser with some Hooded Mergansers. With only 7 x mag bins, we were just too lazy in scanning the gulls.