Sunday, April 27, 2014

Prospect Park Prothonotary Warbler

A well traveled Prothonotary warbler is all over the place ( that I
doubt is two birds), following Prospect Park,s watercourse.
First reported early this morning at the Lull water Bridge, then an
hour later at the Upper Pool dog beach, finally I lucked in with
spectacular views at the Binnen Falls, near the boathouse. Last reports
at noon placed the bird behind the Music Pagoda by Binnen Creek, north
of the Boathouse. While watching the cooperative Prothonotary, a number
of us watched skyward an adult BROADWINGED HAWK soaring over the

other decent birds was the long staying WORMEATING WARBLER at Ravines
Amber gill Falls, Spotted Sandpiper on the Peninsula.

Meanwhile, I received an early report HOODED WARBLER continued at
Greenwood Cemetery's Sylvan Waters slope south. Also,the residenr Red
Headed Woodpecker at Battle Ave plot 109.

More details later tonight on my blog when I recover from information
overload. :-)