Sunday, August 20, 2017

Prospect morn birds

Thanks much to Anne Murray who I ran into at Butterfly meadow,I was able to Garner 4 species warblers.

Including several birds between Ravine Rocky Pass and Peninsula south shore,we watched a few BLACK WHITE, YELLOW & AMERICAN REDSTARTS.Two NORTHERN WATERTHRUSHES also appeared.Though not rare,it's a nice start to fall birding on a warm southerly wind day.

We also spotted an immature BLACK CROWNED NIGHT HERON HERON in Lullwater cove and GREAT BLUE HERON flying to Duck Island. Wood ducks at Lullwater cove and Upper pool plus a perched juvenile TEDTAILED HAWK at North Nethermead fills in a lazy like summer morning.

These days it's great to have those extra sharp eyes.