Friday, August 24, 2018

Friday fizzle

A day after Thursday's treat of birds,Friday fizzled in Prospect.

My day off coupled with a few friends I met found little evidence of warbler numbers. Except for a scattered pitter patter of birds, apparently yesterday's birds just wanna get the heck out of Brooklyn.

This is today's secondhand offerings regarding noteworthy Warblers  : PRAIRIE & Magnolia along western Well Drive; BLUEWINGED Butterfly north path into the chipped dirt trail; CHESTNUT SIDED slope dirt trail between Lookout Meadows;YELLOW inside Butterfly Meadow and Redstarts in few numbers at the perimeter.

I didn't stay long as reports came to me of stagnant activity ( or what we say " dead everywhere').


Interesting is reported RED BREASTED NUTHATCH. Normally a later fall species that irrupts,hearing one now sends signals of potential irruption. Joshua M heard one along Lookout's summit.

This is the time of year we expect COMMON NIGHTHAWKS. Sure enough Karen O saw a flyover this morning over Lookout. But a secondhand report had me muttering to myself as Tim G reported some last night; normally I would have gone to look. There will be more in the next two weeks.