Thursday, December 20, 2018

quiet time, lots of gulls

There have been since the Christmas count scant reports of Prospect birds except for a few minor posts. Its a quiet time due to the holiday season no doubt . But on Prospect Lake, the Gulls don't care:they show up anyway..

A partially frozen lake is enticing for gulls. I saw at least 2500  of them today but without a scope to slow pan scan, I'm at the mercy of my eight power binoculars. Nevertheless I did a scan and see not see anything out of the ordinary that would catch my eye. But with the gulls jammed packed together ,it would be hard to pick out a white winged gull. Work gets in the way, and after filling up the feeders, I took my quick scan of my remaining lunch hour.

A hen BUFFLEHEAD continues to hang out, opting to stick close to the Ruddy ducks. With heavy rain forecasted Friday, its going to be a mostly indoor decision for most birders. But sometimes, you never know what the rain brings down with a good bird. The question is who is brave and hardy enough to bear the soggy rain drops.