Saturday, December 1, 2018

Saturday's good birds of Prospect

Birders today reported several good birds on December's first day as the days get colder. Under a sunny morning, cold temperatures can mean good birds to see.

Land birds top the chart over water birds this day. To begin, two ORANGE CROWNED WARBLERS were found in the green roof atop Lakeside rink,reported by Karen O. Later Karen with Marc B observed a late BLUE HEADED VIREO along the Lookout Hill path above the Well house. Then per Kathy T tweeted out RUSTY BLACKBIRD within the phragmites at the West Island Sweetgum grove,the bird found by Tina of NYC.The spot there continues to buzz with birds.

Shifting to the water part, two good gulls,though one was seen late yesterday afternoon. This morning the continuing 1st winter ICELAND GULL ( Nathan Oreilly) prevails on Prospect Lake. This follows yesterday's 2nd winter LESSER BLACKED GULL; the latter observed stopping in,take a quick bath,then off flying west per Sean Sime. It's a good time now if you have shape eyes and knowledge of gulls to scan the lake.

Screen shot LESSER BLACKED GULL ,taken by Sean