Friday, October 2, 2020

Grand rarity day at Greenwood

 A particularly good day for rarities at Greenwood cemetery today..

The best bird one of two occurred at the Dellwater bee hives site. Joe Borker longtime birder there found a CLAY COLORED SPARROW. A gorgeous photo shows the bright bird.. Later Rob Jett found another Clay colored near the chapel,on Sycamore Ave,at the Chambettaz mausoleum.

Getting back to the Dell water bee hives,the ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER continues. A WHITE CROWNED SPARROW accompanied the bird at the same location.

Then on the north side of GWC,  by 20th st entrance, Richard Payne spotted A RED HEADED WOODPECKER. From the Hill of Graves ,it flew towards Battle Hill near the high point where the Kiamie Crypt lies.

Prospect was quiet except for a calling early morning female BLUE GROSBEAK at the Grand army plaza park entrance. Maestro Tom Stephenson heard this bird.

Late BAY BREASTED WARBLERS were reported in both parks ( I like to think GWC is a park)

I was able to enjoy A few Birds on planting day. A pair of Black throated blue warblers in the Mid wood; and a first fall Baltimore Oriole at Well drive containers are my single delights.