Thursday, October 1, 2020

whats around

 The continuing highlight is the Connecticut Warbler , residing at Greenwood Cemetery. And besides that bird, an Orange crowned Warbler plus Tom Stephensons BBC wak report are Thursdays offerings.
Whether its the same one or a newcomer, this CONNECTICUT WARBLER hangs out at the Dellwater.There was an earlier report of this species on Paradise Dell ( my phone is charging right now so I could be wrong about the name).. At least three observers verified the sighting.
Also at the Dellwater, by the Bee hives, an Orange Crowned Warbler was reported by Joshua Malbin. THis is typically the time for this late arriving warbler.
Tom Stephenson led his usual Thursday Prospect walk.For details, check my previous post his report.
My days are busy with work.But at lunch time, i sauntered over to the Sparrowbowl hoping for birds and perhaps an early sparrow. Instead, i was treated to two hyperactive Redstarts going back and forth and a surprising late YELLOW WARBLER. At least I go back to work satisfied having seen SOMETHING.

Correction : it was not the Paradise Dell ( tho GWC does go that route ) but rather the Pastoral Dell