Monday, December 10, 2012

Dec 10th, Prospect ;greetings, Chat resufaces

Kingsboider wishes Happy Chanukah to my readers of this blog. 


YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT resurfaced at the same usual location of Breeze Hill but today along the trail next to the feeders, reported by Noreen McAuliffe. See her note:

Hi, Peter,

If anyone didn't get to see the Yellow-Breasted Chat last week, one's still around Breeze Hill--this afternoon it was feeding on berries right near the hillside path that's next to the feeders, and popped out onto the path itself.   A male Eastern Towhee was also being very conspicuous on the ground in front of the feeder fence.  And Pine Siskin at the feeder.  On the way out West Drive I saw a Red Bat, which seemed appropriate in the fog.  

Take care,


KB note: 

Speaking of RED BAT, I saw 5 on my walk home from the Tennis House, three hunting at Maryland Monument. One Red Bat at southwest Nethermead came really close to me as I watched it, freaking me out a little bit... :)