Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jett version GWC birding map

For folks  intimidated by the confusing vastness of Greenwood Cemetery, Rob Jett took the liberty and effort to create from the cemetery's detail map , an improvised birding map  showing shaded areas with location names, much like my google prospect map with its names and monikers...  (note , see the link to the sidebar ---> "maps")
See Rob's post below to NYS Birding listserve

Subject: Green-Wood Cemetery Birding Map
Date: Mon Dec 3 2012 10:36 am
From: citybirder 
In an attempt to make navigating Green-Wood Cemetery a little bit easier, I modified the existing official map which is available on the cemetery's website here:


Using a pair of 1855 and 1901 maps, which shows the names of the various landforms, i.e. ridges, hills and valleys, I overlaid these landmarks on the current map. My reasoning was that most birders haven't a clue what the names of the roads and paths are in places like Central Park and Prospect Park, but they do know the geographic labels.
The file is very large (6279×7316 pixels) so if you have access to a large format printer, it should look very good. Download the full-sized map here:


I hope to add more birding specific hotspot labels in future versions.

Good birding,