Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dec 12th GWC,PP & BBG reports inc NAWA

From Orrin:

Green-Wood Cemetery this morning

Belted kingfisher

Ring-necked duck (1)

Wood duck (1 brcceeding male)

Northern shoveler

Mallard duck

Canada goose

Red-tailed hawk

Tufted titmouse

Red-breasted nuthatch (3)

White-breasted nuthatch

Black-capped chickadee

American goldfinch

Dark-eyed junco

Downy woodpecker

Red-bellied woodpecker

Northern mockingbird

Northern cardinal (many)

Mourning dove

European starling


From Matthew Wills:
Prospect Park

Hey Peter,

Neither Chat nor Crossbills this morning on short walk. but three E. Bluebirds, two bright males and much more subdued female, by Wellhouse.


*************** from Doug Gochfeld birding BBGarden A NASHVILLE WARBLER on the slope to the promenade north of the Cranford Rose Garden