Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Green Heron fledgling distress

It is an unfortunate consequence whenever fishing line is a culprit given the carelessness and callous indifference of fishermen nowadays simply don't care about the environment.

This afternoon , one of the fledglings was found  wandering on the lawn beneath the nest, fishing line around its leg. Fortunately my coworker happened to be driving by and saw the distressed chick just in time. Jumping out , Landscape Mgt Office Martin Barrett rescued the bird and promptly cut off the line. The bird is ok and was set free by the shore near the cove.So thanks to Martin.

It is up to us whenever we see discarded fishing line to collect it and throw it out in side a bag into a trash can. Since there is nonexistent enforcement, we birders have to do the job of collecting the fishing lines on the ground or in tree limbs...carry nail clippers

See my side menu Bird Rehabbers in case you need help if you cant grab a distressed bird or call the Landscape Mgt Office  if the incident is weekdays between 730 am -3 pm at 718-287-8450