Thursday, June 20, 2013

Prospect nests

You may not necessarily find the obscure nests but you likely will find the species in the general area.Or more simply , know what are breeders here.

Copy and past the coordinates into Google Maps..

From Steve N,

Google the following GPS coordinates:

40.672292,-73.969349 - Waxwing nest
40.661473,-73.966823 - Warbling Vireo nest - This is a second nest in a sweetgum about half way between the bridge and the pagoda.
40.660675,-73.96503 - Eastern Kingbird nest
40.661516,-73.966532 - Baltimore Oriole nest - This is a second nest as well.
40.662565,-73.976972 - Eastern Kingbird nest - not sure which tree but it should not be hard to find.
40.662451,-73.976784 - Chipping Sparrows - The birds are around but I have not found the nest however they nest in that area every year. I found a nest last year at 40.661354,-73.978208
40.662343,-73.969064 - Orchard Oriole pair per Rusty. Not sure if they are nesting
40.654844,-73.97268 - The Service Berry trees around the Vanderbilt play ground was full or waxwings last week. The berries are probably gone but the I'll bet the waxwings are nesting close by.

Good Luck,