Saturday, May 24, 2014

Greenwood's turn,Prospect goodies continue

Greenwood Cemetery stole some "thunder" from Prospect Park today with LARK SPARROW and its own MOURNING WARBLER as Prospect Park continues its impressive turnout of good birds in late May.

From Rob Jett's twitter tweet, the LARK SPARROW was found by Greenwood Cemetery premier birder Joe Borker, later re-found by Rob himself.The rare sparrow was seen on the Vernal Path. See on my blog menu's Maps for the GWC link.[if you have twitter,open this Jett link  ]

As Prospect impresses with 3 MOURNING WARBLERS (MOWA) , the cemetery offered up one as well. Keir Randall found a MOWA at the Dellwater area. Prospect's MOWA were still one lingering at southwest Quaker Cemetery horse trail "Do not Enter" bird; north Midwood horse trail (that's abandoned) before the broken Tunnel Arch stairs; and one roving back and forth from the Peninsula woods to Butterfly meadow as birders from NYC reported this afternoon (Anders Peltomaa & friends)

BLUE GROSBEAK visited the Butterfly meadow again continuing a parade of other great birds in this area after an early morning observation in North Lookout woods. For example , BLACK BILLED CUCKOO just above the Well house, and father up the Lookout Hill slope,an OLIVE SIDED FLYCATCHER.This latter species was also heard at Lily Pond by the boathouse but not found.

Good stuff continue to roll as May's days wane.

Photos below by Marvin Baptiste.More on his Facebook Marvin Baptiste Photography
Mourning Warbler

Blue Grosbeak