Sunday, June 29, 2014

Evewatch Prospect Lake: Skimmer party

A total of eleven BLACK SKIMMERS visited Prospect Lake tonight.Two seperate flocks, the first comprised of 8 birds flew in like ghosts from the west island corner, stayed only 30 seconds gliding at the northwest corner before taking off higher over the picnic tables.

But it wasn't long before another, but smaller flock of  3 Skimmers flew in from the same section. This flock stuck around though, but far from my bins view ,staying close by Duck Island, as darkness descended. The first flock came in 8:45.

A lone RUDDY DUCK (4 Friday eve), & single BLACK CROWNED NIGHT HERON were other notables.

Exiting the park near Greenwood Ave, I saw my first fireflies, about  a dozen lighting up the night :-)