Tuesday, June 10, 2014

In Memoriam: Jean Bourque

 Jean Bourque, birder , naturalist , quiet conservationist and wife of Ron Bourque, passed away last night.

 Jean was an outstanding long time member of the Brooklyn Bird Club , a ranking and active participant in club events since the late 1960's until her retirement a number of years ago.

She was a compassionate humanitarian and kind friend, an inspiration to long time birders everywhere, particularly here in Brooklyn.; oftentimes involved with planting projects, especially in Floyd Bennett Field, where Ron is a vital voice for Floyd Bennett's conservation as well in regional habitats and locales.She was often seen on trips led by Ron in older days as well as a Floyd Bennett Field advocate, and as well an active participant on Christmas Bird Counts and dinners.

My very first Brooklyn Bird Club trip way back in 1977 was to High Tor, led by Ron and Jean Bourque.It was a very memorable and great personal experience to which this day , inspired by that day, led me to the path of presidency and trip leading, inspired by the Bourques.

Jean was a quiet and gentle person, who contributed greatly to the Brooklyn birding community and environment , with a caring and beneficent concern towards all.She was co- editor of the BBC Clapper Rail in the 1970's .

Rest in Peace , Jean. I am glad we met.

Peter Dorosh

"Life has not ended, but merely changed"

-from Mass of Christian Burial


From the NYS Birding Listserve , post by NYC Audubon

Subject: Jean Bourque
Date: Thu Jun 12 2014 7:34 am
From: hmaas

On behalf of NYC Audubon, I sadly share with all of you the news that Jean Borque, a long-time tireless and dedicated defender of wildlife and its habitat in New York City, has passed away. She was a leading advocate for conservation in the city and was particularly instrumental in the protection of the grasslands at Floyd Bennett Field, in forming the native plant Garden at Marine Park/Garritsen Creek and many other endeavors. Together with her husband Ron, with whom she constituted a formidable team, she is responsible for many of the efforts over the years designed to protect birds and other wildlife in New York City, particularly in Brooklyn.

A long-time supporter of NYC Audubon and our programs, we thank her and are so very apprciative for all the contributions she has made to our organization and, more importantly, to the natural history and the outdoors in New York City.

A person with her commitment, her dynamic nature and her unflagging willingness to go the extra mile on behalf of the birds and other wildlife of this city cannot be replaced. She will be missed.

Harry Maas

President, NYC Audubon

Rob Jett's Citybirder post


(Note . In the photo , Jean is the last person on the right, looking through binoculars)