Monday, June 23, 2014

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From: Orrin Tilevitz
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Green-Wood this morning, largely by ear (which necessitated subtracting out mockingbird calls):.  Only mild surprise was a common yellowthroat singing in the underbrush on the west side of the Sylvan Water.  Here is the complete list:

Rock dove
Song sparrow
House sparrow
Monk parakeet
Chipping sparrow
Northern mockingbird
Black-crowned night heron (as many as 3)
Northern cardinal
Eastern kingbird
Barn swallow
European starling
Northern flicker (heard)
Eastern wood pewee (heard)
Brown-headed cowbird (heard)
House finch
Tufted titmouse (heard)
Mourning dove
House wren (heard)
Red-bellied woodpecker (heard)
Great blue heron
Common grackle
Gray catbird
Warbling vireo (heard)
Canada goose
Red-winged blackbird (heard)
Chimney swift
Common yellowthroat (heard)

Also, one FOS groundhog