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Fwd: Proposed Stadium's Design Will Kill Migrating Birds-- Help Prevent A Senseless Tragedy

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Subject: Proposed Stadium's Design Will Kill Migrating Birds-- Help Prevent A Senseless Tragedy

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Dear Friend,
Great news!
More than 41,000 folks have already responded to the National Audubon Society's call to ask the Minnesota Vikings to switch to bird-safe glass in constructing their monumental new stadium in the heart of the Mississippi flyway.
But Audubon needs your help to keep up the pressure. Their goal is to deliver 65,000 (that's one signer for each seat in the new stadium) petitions by the end of this week!
Estimates show that the million-dollar investment in safer glass could reduce bird strike mortality by 75 percent or more. That's a huge conservation return on investment on a stadium expected to cost a billion dollars!
That's why I've forwarded you Audubon's email alert below for you to learn more and, if you like, make your voice heard.
Robin McVey
Public Editor,
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Dear Friend,
The Minnesota Vikings' new stadium could kill thousands of migratory birds annually unless the stadium's builders take immediate action to incorporate bird safe measures.
At issue is the type of glass being used in the largely-glass exterior of the massive new stadium. Current plans call for a type of glass that birds are less likely to see, thus inviting deadly collisions.
Last week the Vikings and the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA) rejected Audubon's recommendation to use safer types of glass that could help save thousands of birds from fatally colliding with the stadium's huge windows.
The cost of using bird friendly glass is less than one tenth of one percent of the overall cost of the new billion dollar stadium. The site of the stadium is less than a mile from the Mississippi River, along which tens of millions of birds fly between their breeding and wintering grounds every year.
Unless the Vikings and the MSFA reverse course, the new stadium could become a serious threat to Minnesota's birds.
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David Yarnold
David Yarnold
President & CEO, National Audubon Society
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