Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My brief comment on JBWR refuge

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My concise commentary on closing the west pond breach

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Park: Gateway National Recreation Area Project: SANDY Repair JABA Wildlife Refuge West Pond Trail Breach Document: Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Public Scoping West Pond Environmental Assessment

Name: Peter Dorosh Address: 609  City: brooklyn State: NY Postal Code: 112 Email Address:

Organization:Brooklyn Bird Club president emeritus

Comments: JB Refuge offers not only shorebird and waterfowl habitat but a rich birding experience for many miles around. One would have to pay expensive tolls to get to new jersey shorebirds habitats or long island of which does not offer the diversity or habitat JB Refuge has. It is important significant habitat and birding location of which anyone access thru a NY subway fare.

It is a critically vital location especially for shorebirds traveling thousands of miles needing a place to rest and feed on the way to South America ;a sanctuary that offers rich nutrients and safe harbor only enhances the survival rates of these long distance migrants if the refuge was freshwater combined with salt water habitats,at the mercy of the tides .With high tide,where will shorebirds go if the west Pond is also tidal ?

Please consider the urgent need to close the west pond breach,so that natures diversity is enhanced.Over 330 species have visited JBWR because of the freshwater asset that existed before. thank you. peter dorosh

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