Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Follow up Ravens nesting at Bush Terminal

Gus Keri wrote me the likelihood of Ravens nesting last year. Having observed the family of Ravens on a rooftop, one being fed by the parent . See Gus' photos attached and video if it plays. So, this would be the second straight year of a Raven Nest in Brooklyn. Good history continues....

from Gus


I saw one of the birds feeding two other birds. I assumed they are fledgling.
If I knew this was important, I would  have gotten a better video of the feeding process.
But you can still see in the short video that one bird brought something in its mouth and then flew off.
Their behaviors looked to me like a family of two adults and two fledglings.


Here are more photos of the Raven's family at Bush Terminal from last year, taken on July 23rd 2015.

Hi Peter,

I read your post about the Ravens today. I don't think it's the first year they have a nest in Brooklyn. Last year, although I didn't see the nest, I believe there ware fledglings that suggest that they have nested near Bush Terminal.

I saw a family of two adults and 2 fledglings on the top of the building near the soccer field, and I could see one of the adults feeding the fledglings.

I recorded this video while the feeding was taking place. An Adult Raven brought food to one of the fledglings and then flew away to bring more food.


being fed

Video posted later once it downloads ( large)