Saturday, September 29, 2018

patchy islands

Fall birding in Prospect Park has been erratic, thanks to a season of wet weather, few favorable winds and likely not being the lucky spot seeing waves of birds. So its been patchy birding at best. Three Sisters Islands and the nearby mainland open woods is I think this fall's most productive area.

On Dennis' regular Saturday walk,it was the case of Three Sisters providing the best numbers for warblers this morning. Though I didn't get all the species names when i swung by, members of the group dropped hints of Cape May and Yellow Rumped Warblers. I was lucky when I ran into Ed,Ryan and Angie stationed opposite the three islands, getting close looks of a NORTHERN PARULA in the tree next to us across from the islands.A BELTED KINGFISHER flew out of the islands strait and perched on a limb  on the western island. I heard also that  a NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH  walked under the tree earlier. Dennis will hopefully produce a report later.

The rest of the morning went quiet even as we circled the lake towards the rink green roof. A nice pickup after Dennis tweeted it, a SOLITARY SANDPIPER on the black plastic covering at the lake edge across from the Well house Drive three shipping containers.

A northwest wind prevails tonight, a real cold snapper  with temps dipping into the the low 50's. Could more birds come ?