Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Feeder surprise

Like a rabbit's foot, yesterday Common Merganser seemed to shed some luck for today's bird surprise.

At the feeders, an unexpected juvenile WHITE CROWNED SPARROW put in an appearance  reported by Rob Bate. Its not usual to get these birds here in Prospect around this time. Other places like Jersey rural spots, yes, but not here.

A quick check of Ebird reveals one record in January.

US-NY-New York-Prospect Park - 40.6631x-73.9718Kings, US-NY
2016-01-111Ted YoungChecklist
2016-01-051Ted YoungChecklist

What will day three of the new year bring ? The Prospect year is just starting.

A note shoutout to Brad Vatrt of Fort Greene Park for donating $20.00 for bird seed. Much obliged Brad..