Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What it means to bird New Year's Day

Birders have different reasons birding New Year's Day. For some,it's a start of a Big Year; others seek quality birds; and still some it's a beginning of a new year nature journey.For me, it's about celebration. Observing birds reinvigorates the sentimentality and spirit,an opportunity to  meet old friends and new, always keeping in mind for old times sake, reconnecting with people and sharing the beauty of birding,while rewards may come about.

It's a good omen when January 1st starts off with a great bird,rewarding a group of birders chancing upon seeing it. The Brooklyn Bird Club kicked off the new year with its annual ( in most years) Prospect walk. Led by Dennis Hrehowsik and Bobbi Manian from the Pergola entrance, folks lucked in seeing a rare COMMON MERGANSER on the Lake. This beautiful drake stayed on towards mid-afternoon when I refound it,diving off eastern shore of Three Sisters Islands. It made two forays into West Island cove,diving abit and then wading. A terrific sighting for New Year's Day.

Auld Lang Syne everyone!