Friday, November 30, 2012

Prospect belated 11/26 rare bird report; Friday's fotos gallery

I received a belated report from my good friend Jerry Layton of a pretty good bird to see in Prospect, in fact , a coastal bird!.

Flying over the Audubon Center  ( Boathouse, where the Xmas Count dinner will be held 12.15 eve), two BLACK SKIMMERS flew over the landmark building, 125 feet up in circular  motion. This is likely the first reported observation for this species in 2012. Furthermore, the sighting is a record late one for Prospect , by 8 weeks ! ( Oct 2nd, 2005). Keep looking up!.

Here are photos for Friday, below's photographs by Tom Stephenson early this week, and Peter Colen's photos of the Evening Grosbeak male yesterday  via his links provided to Ebirds Yahoo Birds Listserve.

A note about below's Pine Siskin. With the extensive yellow and less streakier front, this specimen was thought of perhaps a"green-morph" which I mentioned in a post recently. A note to NYS Avian Records Committee member Tom Burke ( who puts out the weekly RBA reports), came back that this bird isn't a true green morph but close , somewhere in the "gradation area" . Nevertheless, a beaut  to look at ! Hope it sticks around.....

Pine Siskin at thistle feeder

White-winged Crossbill female in Vale cashmere
See above, same bird

Peter's Colen's links to his gallery from Ebird Yahoo Groups listserve

Male Evening Grosbeak, Chat, Kestrel Prospect Park....
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I got to the park early and photographed this Merlin staring down at the Sparrow

I ran into Rob Jett and he tells me he saw a Merlin carrying a bluebird off at
the Sparrow Bowl.

We go looking for the chat which I spot and take these shots:!i=224\4874435&k=LcNgZzs

Heading out of the park through the Ravine, Rob somehow spots a male Evening
Grosbeak high up in a tree.\917_jkpvT7#!i=2244873035&k=QW3F4vm

A good day of birding, Peter Colen