Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Good NY Times article;EABL reported



Orrin reported EASTERN BLUEBIRD this morning in Greenwood Cemetery

Green-Wood Cemetery this morning

Pretty slow Highlights were an eastern bluebird (between the Sylvan Water and the Steinway monument) and a singing swainson's thrush heard near the Crescent Water.

Great egret (2)
Chipping sparrow
Northern cardinal
Baltimore oriole (several heard, one seen nesting on Central Ridge)
Blackpoll warbler (many)
Warbling vireo
Eastern wood pewee (heard)
Red-eyed vireo (heard)
European starling
House wren (heard)
Red-bellied woodpecker (heard)
Eastern blubird
Northern mockingbird
Cedar waxwing (many heard, one seen)
Northern flicker
Common grackle
Canada goose
Swainson's thrush (heard)
Gray catird
Black & white warbler
Song sparrow
Red-winged blackbird
Barn swallow
American redstart
Yellow warbler (heard)
Northern rough-winged swallow
Black crowned night heron
Northern parula
Yellow-rumped warbler
House sparrow
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