Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sl-o-o-o-o-w day (Mayday Mayday , where are the birds?)

From reports received and my own observations, May Day sunked for birds. The only high activity was that of the Swallows, mainly three species, the majority  BARN over the Lake; two NORTHERN ROUGHWINGED winged it at the Lullwater Bridge.

Today's Pine Siskins was not the latest for this species in Prospect.That record date is safe , May 22, 1944.

and a last note though ominously, this item appeared in the NY Times about the northern snakehead fish...We don't ever want to see this here !

From The New York Times:

CITY ROOM: In Central Park, Hunt for an Intruder, the Snakehead Fish, Is On

The northern snakehead, an invasive, predatory fish that can live on land in the 
right conditions, has been spotted in the Harlem Meer in Central Park.