Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Northwest thru Prospect

A northwest wind prevails tonight but the sky was bereft of any Common Nighthawks. Instead ,bats and some swifts fluttered around. But I did get something with " NIGHT". As I headed home,passing by the Maryland Monument, a flock of calling BLACK CROWNED NIGHT HERONs flew over, 5 birds in all, eventually I think flying down into the moon reflected Lullwater.

There is potential tomorrow for some birds ,maybe a good push if this northwest wind prevails overnight. Play hooky or call in sick...  Also in the evening ,maybe nighthawks will come thru then as tonight's wind shift occurred too late.To look for nighthawks,the whole hour before sunset -- Thursday at 7:36 pm is best to watch the sky; my fave spot is the the south nethermead though the ballfields or Long Meadow by the pools will do. However some diurnal birds will come thru,in single numbers