Saturday, August 8, 2015

Prospect Fall surprise

Though technically still summer,birds think of fall already as southwest migration commences. And a fall surprise today with the rare unusual sighting of YELLOW THROATED WARBLER.

Reported at 104, Ryan Candee Facebook messages me of a Yellow throated on the Peninsula tip area. After seeing a photo cause this southern dominant species is usually a spring overshoot ,a fall record is very good. The bird continued after an hour absence, refound,working along the water edges along the lake side Peninsula. an evening stroll for me hours later didn't reveal its presence,nevertheless great for Prospect Fall start.

Other good warblers were observed. BLUEWINGED and WORMEATING were reported hours apart at first Ravine Ambergill falls and later the Ricks Place ;perhaps both are travel companions.Also Canada Warbler at Peninsula lake shore by the mead

LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH are notable today. Seen at the Vale Cashmere pool,Lower Pool, and early this eve I and Phil Malek saw one on the Peninsula by the cove.

This morning a good heads up regarding the large Paper Mulberry above the Maryland Monument where birds are feasting on the edible fruits. My watch for 20 minutes saw ORCHARD ORIOLE,SCARLET TANAGER,BALTIMORE ORIOLES, YELLOW WARBLERS, BROWN THRASHER and a few more species.

A scene from be!ow the Terrace. Bridge involving CEDAR WAXWINGS. A flock clustered in oak trees low branches to chase insects over the water above the yellow primrose aquatics.

There wasa  report of PHILADELPHIA VIREO, whereabouts unknown