Friday, August 28, 2015

warblers continue,bird variety

A bit of North wind early this morning fueled the early flight according to Joshua Malbins's report. His 15 species WARBLER hi lighted by a WORMEATING ,TENNESSEE, and BLUEWINGED were among the special ones in renown Butterfly Meadow.  You can see his report in a previous post below.

While I missed the early action due to family pickup at the airport and permitted late arrival at work,I was satisfied with a single warbler . Just before my lunch hour,I spotted a bird working the exotic type elm next to the Peninsula rustic shelter. After getting better vantages,enough was seen of the "baypoll series"  bird I was viewing to determine a BAY BREASTED WARBLER,an uncommon bird here.

With patience, a good list can be had without the need getting the numbers .
Have a good weekend.