Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Connecticut is "golden"

If it weren't for that rare bird on the Peninsula, the other bird reported at the Zoo compost yard would have taken top honor as the bird of the day. Then there is the triplet of Philadelphia Vireos , unusual for its number in Prospect Park Autumn migration.

First found by birding extraordinaire Sean Sime, a CONNECTICUT WARBLER (COWA ) , seen only in autumn in these parts is today's top bird. It hung around most of the mid morning in the woods back of the "thumb" along the weld wire fence that runs parallel to the lake shore; but it moved around, seen also near the "hand" cove water edge, walking on a low limb of a hornbeam tree, and a few other spots in the backwoods of the Thumb. A later report from Richard Payne placed the bird at 2 pm along the trail heading into the thumb. I just now received a report from Kathy Toomey at 3:10 the COWA moving to the Peninsula tip , closer to the rustic gazebo.

Now for the second good bird: GOLDEN WINGED WARBLER. Paige Linden tweeted out a report of this rarity at the woods near the Zoo Compost yard outside the north zoo fence, just east of the Dongan Oak monument. She also reported good avian activity including a PHILADELPHIA VIREO.

Speaking of the latter, there were three PHILADELPHIA VIREOS in the park today. Ed Crowne saw two bright plumaged birds together low in the Butterfly Meadow atop Lookout Hill around 10 am. Rob Jett reported a single bird above the Wellhouse about 11:30. The Brooklyn Bird club walk had one in the Peninsula around noon. Its possible the two on Lookout split. But conservatively , we'll go with three birds here.

Also reported were some good warblers. TENNESSEE at Lookout Hill Butterfly meadow ( with the 2 Philly Vireos) and another in the Peninsula; CAPE MAY in Butterfly Meadow early this morning.

Other early birds or unusual species now today is worth mentioning. A RINGNECKED DUCK, an early WHITE THROATED SPARROW and early RUBY CROWNED KINGLET seemed out of place for the early autumn season ( and by the calendar its still summer !)

Lists and maybe more reports are pending, especially the BBC walk is forthcoming.