Friday, September 16, 2016

Virginia Rail continues

In the phragmite marsh half covered by black plastic opposite the 3 green shipping containers on Wellhouse Drive, the cooperative rare VIRGINIA RAIL continues.

Seen well at times, and disappearing for brief periods, this smallish rail nevertheless delighted visiting birders looking for it. Reported early this morning, I saw the bird very close in water Primrose mat ,the gorgeous adult Rail out in the open along the edge of the black plastic. Then it would retreat within the confines of a thin young phragmite stand. After getting a report it flew to the denser, harder to see phragmite marsh opposite the new Wellhouse building, it flew back to its original site, far better spot for birders to see it.

The location iswest of & just before the closed off Wellhouse building along Wellhouse drive, on Prospect Lake's northwest shore.

With no sign or report of yesterday's Connecticut , the rail is the best thing today in Prospect. There were reports at the rail spot  above CAPE MAY WARBLER; farther down into the Peninsula meadow by the metal sculpture, PRAIRIE,BLACK THROATED BLUE, PALM & NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH WARBLERS.

Update  : apparently the rail has taken a siesta in the mid afternoon..get it when its feeding in early morning or late afternoon, early eve if it sticks around.