Saturday, September 17, 2016

local rare hilights

Generally an overall quiet day but for the two rarities today in the local area that makes a worthwhile pursuit.

The VIRGINIA RAIL continues to put in a show but being more skittish lately likely because of weekend human activity.It comes out at times from its phragmite hideout to an area marked by invasive water primrose mat . but a number of people were able to see the erratic appearing bird. Look for the rail along Wellhouse Drive opposite the 3 green shipping containers

Another rare bird showed up this afternoon,but at Greenwood Cemetery. Joshua Malbin found LARK SPARROW at Battle Hill; latest word of its whereabouts  is the western slope of Kiamie crypt the highest point just east of the American Civil war monument.From the cemetery main entrance, go left uphill on Battle Ave.

Prospect's Peninsula was the hot spot,at the tip with its gazebo. PHILADELPHIA VIREO, and ten warbler species including Tennessee ,Nashville & Wilson's were observed in the early morning.