Thursday, December 22, 2016

active Winter Prospect spot

With few locations truly active in Prospect winter, it may be a good idea to check out the Compost yard at the Zoo's north fence line.

Eni Falci reported to me some bird activity at the compost Yard. Prime sighting was a GOLDEN CROWNED KINGLET. Along with that uncommon species, a load of WHITE THROATED SPARROWS mingled with AMERICAN ROBINS. Eni also mentioned with the warming spell she was seeing little gnat like flies out so perhaps that is good for the birds. Sweetgum trees live in that area as well, another good reason to visit the Compost yard.

The Lake continue to host a very good number of gulls, again reaching to 3 thousand birds. Joshua Malbin scanned the flock this morning , but nothing extraordinary to report. Nevertheless, chances favor the opportunist and one never knows there will be a good gull... There aren't many winter opportunities to cite in Prospect , just lucky moments.