Monday, June 19, 2017

Least Bittern details from yesterdays sighting in Prospect

A huge surprise yesterday in Propsect Park ( or Lake) with a late ( or breeding ??) LEAST BITTERN appeared flying along the Peninsula shoreline where formerly the metal sculpture was the past early spring. Rafael Campos was the lucky observer and here is his words:

Hi Peter:

I saw the bird flying along the S side of the Peninsula meadow.  The exact place I saw it was where that artifact called art, was sitting.  The bittern flew L-R, while I was facing the lake.  It took me by surprise, but it was close enough to ID it without field glasses.  It landed on the first group of phragmites, passing the big trees. And it disappeared into the vegetation.  I tried to see it again, and have a photo, but no luck.

That is what I call: "being in the wrong place, wrong time but got the good bird of the month"
Rafa Campos R

The phragmite patch is well known for rails and a few bitterns, opposite the Wellhouse at the beginning of the Peninsula.

A good bird Rafael !