Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ridgewood Reservoir Update

From Christina Wilkinson, at the hearing last night:

Newtown Historical Society
Juniper Park Civic Association and Newtown Historical Society submitted the following joint testimony today regarding the NYC Parks Dept's application for Critical Environmental Area status for the Ridgewood Reservoir:
"The Ridgewood Reservoir is a combination of a natural and man-made treasure that must be preserved and properly cared for. The reservoir’s important place in the history of both boroughs is undeniable, which is why we are in favor of listing the reservoir as a whole on the National and State Registers of Historic Places.
Although neglect is generally a bad thing, in the case of the reservoir, its neglect was fortunate in that it led to it growing into a varied and unique habitat, found nowhere else in the entire city. It is now incumbent upon us to make the most of the gift that nature has given us.
While we support a Critical Environmental Area distinction, we are also concerned that it does not go far enough. The basins contain 3 distinctive habitats – a bog, a pond and a forest which provide vast educational opportunities. However, several environmental reports have indicated that there are endangered species residing inside the forested basin, which contains a wet meadow requiring protection. In order to assure this, we respectfully ask that the DEC move forward with the necessary wetlands mapping in addition to designation of the Critical Environmental Area."