Thursday, June 15, 2017

Prospect Acadian Flycatcher records

A good nesting report for the park of ACADIAN FLYCATCHER-rare- is taking place at the Ravine Rock Arch bridge ( first found by Isabel Conte yesterday, followed up by Kathy Toomey today) . This is not the first time for the park. The last one I recalled was by Ricks Place bridle trail years ago.

Here's what I gathered from Cornell Ebird for June records, Seems like June 2012 was the last breeding record or perhaps it was 2007.  Click on the word Checklist  for the birder's report.

2017-06-141Peter PaulChecklist
2017-06-141Kathleen ToomeyChecklist
2017-06-141Isabel ConteChecklistN
2017-06-081karen o'hearnChecklistN
2012-06-29XKathy DrakeChecklist
2012-06-241Keir RandallChecklistN
2012-06-161Tom PrestonChecklist
2012-06-081Alex WilsonChecklistN
2012-06-031Heydi LopesChecklistN
2011-06-011Alex WilsonChecklistN
2009-06-141Larry ZirlinChecklistN
2008-06-111Alex WilsonChecklistN
2007-06-292Sean SimeChecklistP
2002-06-151NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
2002-06-111NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
2002-06-091NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
2002-06-081NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
2001-06-021NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
1998-06-061NYC Bird Report DataChecklistN