Thursday, June 22, 2017

Prospect Least Bittern is a double!

No sooner after I posted news of the Least Bittern update believing it was a single bird all along, a tweet from Kathy Toomey noted TWO Least Bitterns !

While waiting at the wood bench along the Peninsula shoreline, about noon time,both Kathy and Isabel Conte observed the pair flying out of the right phragmites towards the left. See my previous post with the map link.

Now the whole picture is intriguing..... will Prospect get lucky for a breeding pair? Here's hoping....

Near One PM as my lunch hour was ending, I took a look at my sibleys for the flight profile when one flew back into the right Phragmites, a back door snuck in !

Other news :

From Gus

I missed the Least bittern twice today. the first time by 5 seconds only and the second time by a couple of minutes. I guess it wasn't to be for me today.
But I had a better luck in seeing the Acadian Flycatcher sitting in its nest above the Rock Arch bridge (near Ambergill fall)

Gus also saw RING NECKED DUCK on the Lake.

Janet Zinn's documentary Photo of this morning Least Bitterns on Facebook Brooklyn urban Birders group