Wednesday, January 3, 2018

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Hi Peter,
Happy New Year!

Today, there were lots of ducks in the air, but very few were coming down to the open hole that's left. Perhaps, they were looking for a less crowded water hole.
In addition, I noticed a hight flying great blue heron, it head South. There were very few hawks around. I only saw what looked like a Merlin for a brief second.
The feeders had very little action.

While seated waiting for some action by the water hole I noticed a seagull with what appeared to be a fishing lure. Once the bird came back around I was able to take this shot. I was amazed this is my very first tagged seagull, ever.
Later, these two Canada geese came down to the water hole also. They were here last winter. I reported them last year.

Best regards,
Gregory Beltre