Saturday, January 27, 2018

Watchful eyes

Upon entering the spot where the Prospect feeders are viewed,nary a bird was seen.Why? Hmm. If a SHARP-SHINNED HAWK watches from above,it would be a good reason.

Elyse Taylor alerted us to the adult hawk. A Northern Cardinal scolded the ignorant hawk and a variety of House Finches fluttered about the adult Sharpie but their noise didn't make it budge.

On my way to the feeders I ran into Steve and Heidi Nanz at Well Drive . While in discussion with them,Heidi spotted an EUROPEAN GOLDFINCH. It was a first for Steve and he wound up photographing several of the species adjacent to the shipping containers.

The lake is still melting but I was able to pick out a hen BUFFLEHEAD within the RUDDY DUCK flock. The Nanz s told me they saw the Drake WOOD DUCK
 Other than 60+ NORTHERN SHOVELERS and a small contingent of ordinary gulls,it's quiet there at the lake.