Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Dreary walk home

The rain was dreadful,cold and bone chilling as I walked home from work. I did have an objective opting to walk thru the pools section instead around the ballfields.

I don't if ever mention Mallards in my posts since it's a common species. But when I see 108 of them close knit feeding on the super soaked ballfields,it's an eye opening. Mixed in with Canada geese ,a couple of  Black Ducks and a smattering of Ring billed gulls,they all looked happy in the downpour.

Making haste through the rain,it was those Horned Grebes on my mind. From my wet perch at the peninsula wood bench,I searched vainly the lake while trying to hold my bag and bins upright. No luck. So I searched the large gull flock. Having no scope makes Gulling harder. A drop of my bins and lo and behold there are the two HORNED GREBES coming out of the phragmites edge on my right; they came quite close to me, paying no mind, perhaps rain and hunger distracting them.
Ok,I got them,now let me get the heck out of this dreadful rain!

But there was one more nice bird as I approached Well Drive junction.The WOOD DUCK Drake didn't get my attention immediately,but I spotted it on the narrow lawn strip. It flushed and flew over the short metal fence to join the shovelers.