Saturday, February 10, 2018

Prospects presidential birds

I joined Dennis' Prospect walk this morning and for a February date it was a pretty morning. We saw a few Rarities and the usual winter population one expects in mid Winter.

Birding along the Lake south shoreline,the first good bird appeared. Across the lake at the Peninsula shore, a  HORNED GREBE continues. This sighting soon followed by a circling PEREGRINE FALCON overhead,spotted by Dennis.

Getting closer to the sizable gull flock on the ice,Kathy spotted our best bird: BLACK HEADED GULL. It's the continuing immature,seen at the far western section of the lake. As the group got closer,the bird moved closer to Well Drive. Nevertheless the lighting was good and viewers succeeded with great looks through my scope.

When we ran into more birders at the west shore,the Black headed vanished. It wasn't until 1210 that it reappeared much to the satisfaction and relief of several patient birders waiting for its return.

A few notable ducks were  present on Prospect lake. WOOD DUCK drake,AMERICAN WIGEON pair & a hen BUFFLEHEAD hiding among the Ruddy Ducks finished off my productive list.