Friday, September 6, 2019

Porcelain berry prizes

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The dreaded Porcelain Berry vine carpet of south slope Lookout Hill behind the three shipping containers produced two good species plus s weird unusual high flying bird that couldn't be identified this morning. The first was an Oporornis warbler species either Mourning or Connecticut Warbler; the second on the snag happened to be OLIVE SIDED FLYCATCHER.

Kathy Toomey saw the Oporornis species working the dense Porcelain Berry for a decent amount of time. It looked like it had a complete eye ring but at the distance couldn't be confirmed as a Connecticut despite having a hood and rich yellow underparts. Connecticut warblers are now on the move peak period at this time thru end of September.

Definite was though the OLIVE SIDED FLYCATCHER on the snag seen by several birders who came to look for the Oporornis warbler species. It was photographed by the shipping containers at Well Drive.

At lastly, while everyone was standing around there on Wellhouse drive, they noticed high up a largish  bird with long pointy wings with some white plumage and long bill circle about  above Lookout Hill. When I was told this on my early lunch hour, I jokingly said maybe it was a Magnificent Frigatebird. My friends sort of wondered after looking at Sibley's app. Not to be funny about it, but Hurricane Dorian is offshore and pelagic birds are fleeing ahead of the storm. Anything is possible. Frigatebirds and other pelagic birds under such hurricane conditions have been found far inland. So,,Don't Hesitate to take a zoom photo !  "Shoot first, ask questions later...."