Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Varied Thrush keeps chugging on

As long as warm weather sticks around, there is little reason for the Prospect Varies Thrush to's entertaining too many birders!

 Today's sightings remains unchanged for the location: Binnen Creek on the south side of Nethermead 3 Arches Bridge. One report placed the thrush at the binnen pool far side. So generally in this area from the Osage orange tree to the bridge corner slope to the creek and it's tangle remain the gist of it.Even white throated sparrows are a help to which the thrush hangs out with.

A nice bird reported though uncommon in Prospect  this winter was a Merlin.

Meanwhile another winter long rarity likes the warm temperatures:The Brooklyn bridge park Painted Bunting. Reports center on the back edge of pier 3 and the main path behind it before the pier entrance.