Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Vath Osage lover

The VARIED THRUSH continues its remarkable run, staying true today in its favorite tree.

For most of the day the Varied Thrush into its second month, took refuge in the old Osage Orange tree sited at the Nethermead's northeast corner. This tree--an iron bar holding both trunks-- is just south of the Nethermead Bridge, with  and where the paths split. it was reported by Charles Tang and at particular times, the thrush was on the ground. Borrowing Charles bins, I was lucky to see it well enough up near the top of the Osage but it did come down a little bit for me to see the gorgeous breast orange and striking face markings.

Four HOODED MERGANSERS spiced up mid winter on Prospect Lake. All drakes, they waded with some Shovelers in the lake middle.
Image result for clip art varied thrush"

There's not alot going on, but on this heavy dreary overcast day, a Varied thrush does brighten up the day.